For All Occasions

Over the years we have catered for many different events and functions, and have a flexible approach in what we can offer.


Examples include garden parties, baby showers, business lunches, sports club events and even private picnics.

Please contact us with your requirements, and we will do our very best to assist.


  • Sandwich Platters

    from £4.50 per person

    (min 5 people)

    A mixture of freshly made sandwiches from the list below, plus salad &

    Fiddlers hand cooked crisps 

    Ham Salad

    Egg Mayo (v)

    Cheese Savoury (v)

    Tuna & Cucumber

    Turkey & Chorizo

    Bacon & Brie

    Houmous & Peppers (ve)

    Lancs Creamy Cheese (v)

    Chicken & Bacon Mayo




    add on a homemade

    dessert platter inc:

    Brownie | Flapjack | Cake

    £2 per person

  • Finger Buffets

    Buffet Menu 1

    from £7.50 per person

    (min 5 people)


    mixed sandwich platter

    mix of savoury pastries

    sausage rolls



    Buffet Menu 2

    from £9.50 per person

    (min 5 people)

    as Menu 1 plus:

    Pork pies


    Savoury Skewers



    add on a homemade

    dessert platter inc:

    Brownie | Flapjack | Cake

    £2 per person

  • Hot Pot

    from £4 per person

    (min 10 people)


    Choice of

    Meat or Vegetarian Hotpot

    served with

    Pastry & Pickles

  • Canapés

    from £30

    (min order of 50 canapés)

    60p each:

    Mushroom & Cream Cheese Tartlet (v)


    Feta, Pesto & Tomato

    Tartlet (v)


    Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Tartlet

    Stilton & Grape

    Chorizo, Cheese &

    Sweet Chilli Tartlet

    Cheese & Red Onion Chutney Twist

    Houmous & Grilled Pepper Crostini (ve)


    80p each:

    Prawn & Chorizo with

    Sweet Chilli (gf)

    Smoked Salmon &

    Cream Cheese (gf)

    'Beef in Yorkshire'

    with Onion Gravy

    Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato

    & Basil (v, gf)

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